Luxury and Decadence in the XIX Century | Paris

Luxury and Decadence in the XIX Century | Paris


IF invites you to spend an unforgettable day reliving the sophisticated rituals of the Parisian courtesans: you will visit the striking residence of a famous mistress, discover the richly encoded art of table setting, learn the seductive language of hand-held fans and taste forgotten fragrances in a secret boudoir.
Sites included: special access to a XIX century Hotel Particulier on the Champs Elysées, perfume laboratory in a small boudoir, l’art de la table in a private residence, and an antique fan atelier.
Duration: 6 hours.

Included: ideation and organization, private guidance, special access fees, staff assistance, all materials and demonstration, drink & tastings, insurance and gift box.

Excluded: transportation, luncheon, all unlisted and unforeseen costs.